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Ecuadorian Studies

Ecuadorian Studies / Estudios ecuatorianos No. 2 (Dec. 2002)



Michael T. Hamerly

No. 1 of Ecuadorian Studies / Estudios ecuatorianos appeared in Sept. 2001. It featured three articles by four ecuatorianistas: (1) "Barricades and Ballots: Ecuador's Indians and the Pachakutik Political Movement" by Scott H. Beck and Kenneth J. Mijeski; (2) "Entre el bolero y el Internet: Reflexiones desde la mitad del mundo" by Michael Handelsman; and (3) "International NGOs and Sustainable Agricultural Development: A Methodological Analysis with Examples from Highland Ecuador" by James R. Keese.

This, the second number, constitutes the first monographic issue of Ecuadorian Studies / Estudios ecuatorianos. It consists of a lengthy review of the historical development and contemporary state of bibliography in and on Ecuador together with an annotated list of 316 bibliographies and related works by Michael T. Hamerly and Miguel Díaz Cueva. It also marks the first collaboration, hopefully the first of many, in the pages of Ecuadorian Studies / Estudios ecuatorianos between an ecuatorianista and an Ecuadorian scholar.

"Bibliography of Ecuadorian Bibliographies" revises, augments, and updates the first edition of Hamerly's Bibliography of Ecuadorian Bibliographies published by the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials in 2001. Whereas the first edition described and commented upon 252 bibliographies of ecuatoriana, this version features 64 additional bibliographies and related works. It also offers the most substantial reconstruction of the development of bibliography in and on Ecuador yet attempted.

This issue inaugurates the book review and notice section of Ecuadorian Studies / Estudios ecuatorianos. Although the editors are not in a position to solicit or offer review copies, we hope that our colleagues will submit critical reviews and brief notices of new and recent works in the field on a continuing basis. If we do not help keep one another abreast of the literature, who will? Although reviews and notices are not subject to referral, the senior editor of Ecuadorian Studies / Estudios ecuatorianos will copy edit them. The authors of the reviews and notices are solely responsible for their content, however, as are also the authors of articles and monographic issues.