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This is an Electronic Appendix of documents to accompany my book Indians and Leftists in the Making of Ecuador’s Modern Indigenous Movements (Duke University Press, 2008).


ADE Alianza Democrática Ecuatoriana
Ecuadorian Democratic Alliance (Alliance which led to the May 1944 revolution)

AFE Alianza Femenina Ecuatoriana
Ecuadorian Feminist Alliance (Founded in Quito in 1939)

CEDOC Confederación Ecuatoriana de Obreros Católicos, Central Ecuatoriana de Organizaciones Clasistas
Ecuadorian Confederation of Catholic Workers, Ecuadorian Central of Classist Organizations (Founded in 1938 by the Catholic Church and Conservative Party; changed name in 1957 and 1965 before adopting current name in 1972)

COICE Coordinadora de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Costa Ecuatoriana
Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Ecuadorian Coast (coastal affiliate of CONAIE)

CONAIE Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador
Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Umbrella group for Ecuadorian Indigenous organizations, founded in 1986)

CONFENIAE Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana
Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (Umbrella group for Amazonian Indigenous organizations founded in 1980)

CTAL Confederación de Trabajadores de América Latina
Confederation of Latin American Workers (Founded by Mexican labor leader Vicente Lombardo Toledano in the 1940s)

CTE Confederación de Trabajadores del Ecuador
Confederation of Ecuadorian Workers (Founded in 1944; helped found FEI)

ECUARUNARI Ecuador Runacunapac Riccharimui (Despertar del Indio Ecuatoriano)
Awakening of the Ecuadorian Indians (Ecuadorian peasant-Indigenous organization founded 1972)

FADI Frente Amplio de Izquierda
Broad Front of the Left (communist-affiliated political party in 1980s)

FEI Federación Ecuatoriana de Indios
Ecuadorian Federation of Indians (Founded in 1944)

FEINE Federación Ecuatoriana de Indígenas Evangélicos
Ecuadorian Federation of Evangelical Indians (Evangelical Christian Indigenous organization founded in 1980)

FENOC Federación Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinos
National Federation of Peasant Organizations (Ecuadorian peasant organization founded 1968; name subsequently changd to FENOCIN, Confederación Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas, Indígenas y Negras or National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous, and Negro Organizations)

FEPOCAN Federación Provincial de Organizaciones Campesinas de Napo
Provincial Federation of Peasant Organizations of Napo (Forerunner of FOIN founded in 1969 under the influence of Josefina missionaries)

FETEP Federación Ecuatoriana de Trabajadores Agropecuarios
Ecuadorian Federation of Agricultural Workers (Founded in 1965 by CEDOC; becomes FENOC in 1968)

FOIN Federación de Organizaciones Indígenas del Napo
Federation of Indigenous Organizations of Napo (Founded 1973)

FTAL Federación de Trabajadores Agrícolas del Litoral
Federation of Coastal Agricultural Workers (Founded in 1954 by PCE and CTE)

FTP Federación de Trabajadores de Pichincha
Pichincha Workers Federation

FULC Frente Unico de Lucha Campesina
United Front for Peasant Struggle (Founded 1978)

FULCI Frente Unico de Lucha Campesina e Indígena
United Front for Peasant and Indigenous Struggle

FURA Frente Unido de Reforma Agraria
United Front for Agrarian Reform (Founded 1972)

FUT Frente Unitario de los Trabjadores
United Workers Front

IERAC Instituto Ecuatoriano de Reforma Agraria y Colonización
Ecuadorian Institute of Agrarian Reform and Colonization (Agrarian reform institute formed in 1964)

IIE Instituto Indigenista Ecuatoriano
Ecuadorian Indigenist Institute (Ecuadorian affiliate of the Instituto Indigenista Interamericano [Inter-American Indigenist Institute, III] founded in 1943)

JCAP Junta Central de Asistencia Pública
Public Assistance Coordinating Body (Administered state-owned haciendas, later changed to Junta Central de Asistencia Social)

OPIP Organización de Pueblos Indígenas de Pastaza
Organization of Indigenous Peoples of Pastaza (Founded 1978)

PCE Partido Comunista Ecuatoriano
Ecuadorian Communist Party (Split-off from PSE; founded in 1931)

PSE Partido Socialista Ecuatoriano
Ecuadorian Socialist Party (Founded in 1926; one of 3 "traditional" Ecuadorian political parties)

PSR Partido Socialista Revolucionario
Revolutionary Socialist Party (Radical leftist party in the 1960s)

SNA Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura
National Agriculture Society (Landlord association which functioned from 1913 to the 1930s)

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