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I am attending the sixth Polycentric World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela from January 24-29, 2006.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


On January 29, the last day of the forum, president Chavez met with the Assembly of Social Movements. Here are some notes from that talk that might interest some:

Cannot have revolution in only one country.
Revolution can’t be completely non-violent. Many campesinos leaders killed by death squads.
Our people will never forget the Sixth Forum.
Soon this will be the dominant discourse, and elite will be counter-discourse.
Fidel: genie is out of the body, and it is hard to put it back in.
Have to support Evo because conspiracies will soon start against him, and he is an authentic person.
Venezuela is ready to support Bolivia.
Question of power needs to be debated here.
I’m an opponent of myths, of caudillos. It is not an individual project, but one of the people. If Bolívar had fallen, someone else would have risen up as the independence leader. It is not a matter of individual people.
A true revolutionary does not like violence. Just use weapons in defense.
The world social forum is indispensable.
Have made concrete advances in Venezuela that would not be possible without political power and the government. This is an import issue to debate in the forum.
FTAA was buried in Mar del Plata. Changed strategies, and now is trying to implement alcitas (little FTAAs).
Need to develop a strategy of power to capture power.
Quotes Che: 1, 2, 3 Vietnams. Today we have to create 1, 2, 3, Bolivias in Latin America, in the world. Vive Evo!

3 ideas:
1. Important debates, ideas, and alternatives from the WSF
2. Strategies of power
3. Important spaces of political power we are creating for new world.

Representative democracy is a trap and results in a government of elites. Here we are working hard to create a participatory democracy. Institutionalize new process through revolutionary laws.
Need to build up Tele-Sur. Not Chavez propaganda mouthpiece. Important to defuse agenda.
PetroAmerica is important project. Starts with PetroCaribe, and wants to include Haiti (Washington sabotages elections there when it thinks its candidate will lose).
People accuse me of giving VZ away, but that is what elite have done. I believe in the spirit of solidarity of the Venezuela people.
Soy from Brazil, but not transgenic and from small producers.
Autonomy of Central Bank is a trap, because it declares itself independent of gov’t but not of IMF and other lending funds.
Proposes South or Latin American bank in order to keep reserves here.
Universidad del Sur. Becas for Bolivians to study is start of this.
Operación Milagro: Fidel’s name for project for restoring sight. Recently brought people from Ecuador for operation.
This is a peaceful but armed revolution, not only armed with consciousness but also military and April coup shows willingness to defend revolution.
Should have sent generals home into retirement like Evo has done. I have faith in the people of Venezuela and that they won’t believe in imperialism. We need a military that won’t repeat atrocities that have happened before, acting as occupying force that abuse their own people and act on behalf of imperialism. Torture taught in school of the americas.
Grupo Chakal: Chavez, Kichner, Lula
We don’t want war, but we are prepared to defend revolution with 100 yrs war.
Friend of Iran, and they have a better military force than Iraq. Hopefully US won’t invade and let people live in peace.
Just one more like you in forum. We’ve helped with forum, and willing to do so in future but work is completely autonomous.
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