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World Social ForumI attended the World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunis, Tunisia from March 24-28, 2015 with the Network Institute for Global Democratization and community radio station WORT-FM.

Making a Better World: The 2015 World Social Forum in Tunis (Toward Freedom, April 6, 2015), also published in The Monitor (Truman State University) (May 2015): 5-6.

Norm Stockwell's report to Third World View on WORT-FM

My blog posts during the trip include one on NIGD's panel The Future of the Forum.

In lieu of notes I have uploaded the audio of the strategy session (2 hrs, 113MB). One interesting comment from this broad ranging discussion: "Power doesn't corrupt, but it reveals who you really are." Three points of agreement:

  1. To continue the forum.
  2. Inside the forum, to keep and follow
  3. Others not involved in the forum should be invited (but we need to deepen the discussion of who are the others who should be invited)

Photos on facebook:

Audio of Julian Assange speaking to the forum via internet.

WSFA good overview is the essay by Giuseppe Caruso and Teivo Teivainen, "Beyond the square: changing dynamics at the World Social Forum" (December 7, 2014).

My writings from previous forums are available on my Trip Reports page.

I have also participated in the publication of several academic works on social forums:


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