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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amazon Indigena

I'm in the press center trying to upload some audio, video, and pictures and update my blog when a noisy group come crowding onto the bleachers in the gym where the press center is located. It's a group of Indigenous peoples from the Amazon who are coming to complain that they are dying from disease and that the Lula government is not doing anything to help them. They have a European anthropologist in tow to translate (which, of course, immediately raises all sorts of academic questions of representation) and an Italian member of the European parliament to receive a document about their experiences. The deputy says that he is a medical doctor with 20 yrs of experience in the field of infectious diseases, and will bring the document back to Europe to try to help them.

Tomorrow is the last day of the forum, and so far I have not managed to write much and have 356 emails in my inbox (including yours, Alex). Hopefully tomorrow I can pull some more formal reports together. Right now, it's time to run off to another session or 2 and then dinner....

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