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Wednesday, June 14: Xochilt-Acalt

We left León on one of the worst road in Nicaragua (a victim of government corruption) to visit the Xochilt-Acalt project at Malpaisillo. On the way we passed what I think is the San Jacinto volcano which, of course, I wanted to climb. Look at its almost perfect symetrical cone shape.

road San Jacinto

San Jacinto kids

Because of bad roads, the bus did not make it out to El Barro where we met a kids group who already had been waiting for us for several hours. When we got back to the bus, it appeared the starter had died and we needed to push the bus to get it to start. Bus troubles never seem to end. Johanna and Coquito fed lunch to the kids. By the time it was our turn there was not enough left, and we had to split plates.

flag food

women 72

In the afternoon we met with an adult group, and this time the oldest women was 72 years old who told her stories of struggling to survive and emerging stronger than ever. After the obligatory delegation photo, we returned to the main Xochilt-Acalt office at Malpaisillo where a man was driving the Comisaria de la Mujer truck. Hummm....

delegation comisaria

carlos Juana

We then met with Xochilt-Acalt leaders Coquito and Juana Delia Rojas.

Virginia Michael


By this time it is getting late and Virginia is pretty crashed out and Michael is on is way as well. We, nevertheless, have to continue on our way in our crippled bus to Estelí. Some of us are ready to party on....

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