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El Salvador 2009 Presidential Elections 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Voting is going well today in Arcatao

I have no internet connection here in Arcatao, but elections are going well today. As always, some minor problems but nothing major. People here in Arcatao are very optimistic about the future. This is the report I sent in to WORT´s TWV

Voting has been peaceful and orderly today in Madison´s sister city of
Arcatao (Ar=Ka=Tao). TWV collective member Marc Becker reports that
community members are optimistic and hopeful about the outcome of this
election. The town square has been a sea of red as local inhabitants are
voting massively in favor of the FMLN. Humberto Avelar (A=Ve=Lar),
secretary of the municipal electoral board, says that this election is
¨the most important battle. We are here to win.¨

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