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El Salvador 2009 Presidential Elections 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We arrived in El Salvador about noon, and spent what seemed like hours to get through immigration and customs and get our group reassembled. We came to the hotel where we are staying (Hotelito Casa La Amistad, not Pueblo a Pueblo which was the original plan) and then got a bit to eat.

A couple of us went to the Jesuit-run Central American University (UCA) where we visited the memorial for the 6 Jesuits and their 2 housekeepers killed on November 16, 1989 by the Salvadorean military under cover of the FMLN's final offensive. The university has a museum about their deaths and other martyrs, and a rose garden (with a mango tree overhanging it) where 4 of the bodies were found.

Tomorrow the real work begins.

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