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El Salvador 2009 Presidential Elections 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Arcatao (March 13, 2009)

I didn't have an internet connection in Arcatao, and have been offline for 3 days. I also haven't had much time to write up anything. Here are some notes we had with FMLN leaders Friday nite who were working Sunday's elections. I'll try to write up and post more from Arcatao over the next couple days.

Humberto (Secretary, JEM)

We have arrived at hour zero, the most important battle. We are here to win.
Wanted to change the location of voting, but not allowed.
Before 3 mesas were in the comedor, but now only 1 is there.
Emphasize need to respect electoral code.
Has been working elections since 1994, and does not think fraud is possible at mesa.
Wants results as soon as possible.
Right does not work unless there is a ‘pisto de medio.’ But we are different. We work hard, and will make sure things tur out well.
If there is fraud, it was already done by putting people on lists. FMLN tried to double vote so any fraud is small and margin of victory will be larger than that.
Sunday defines who will govern for 5 yrs.
Don’t fight with voters.
Vigilantes just watch & help orient voters, but do not tell them how to vote.
Don’t let non-citizens vote. Better to have Chavez with money than that.

Agustín (Coordinator, JEM)

Don’t let people take pictures of ballots
Watch for fake DUIs
Watch for dead people or those outside of country.

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