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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The International Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases opened on Monday, March 5 at the Catholic University in Quito. The inaugural panel was a mixture of ceremony and an opening salvo of forceful statements against foreign military bases. Quito’s mayor, retired General Paco Moncayo, welcomed delegates to Quito, and then the university’s rector presented a welcome to the university. Ecuador’s newly elected left-populist president Rafael Correa was also invited but unable to attend.

Nieve Solórzano from the Coalición No-Bases Ecuador
Corazon Fabros from the Philippines
Subsecretary of Defense (Miguel Caraval?)

After the Inaugural Ceremony, a series of three panels presented perspectives from around the world on the impacts of military bases, and the struggles of social movements to abolish them. Speakers in particular focused on aspects of the environment, gender, human rights, peace, democracy, and sovereignty.

After a full day of speeches, the mayor arranged for a tour of Quito’s historic center that culminated in a reception in the City Museum. There, a mayor’s representative greeted Lindsey Collen as an honored guest of Quito, and in turn Collen accepted the honor in the name of all of the delegates. A folklore ballet then entertained delegates with traditional Andean songs and dance.

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