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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Our time in Port-au-Prince was very intense, and life has slowed down significantly upon our arrival in Jacmel. We had a slow start this morning because some luggage was left behind in Port-au-Prince. By the time we got going, it started to rain. We visited an art gallery in Jacmel, and then headed out of town to see damage from a 2008 hurricane. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a beach for lunch, and lunch was so slow that it stretched throughout the rest of the afternoon ... and you know how I feel about beaches.

I wonder what the level of unrest (political or otherwise) has been in this seemingly peaceful coastal beach town of Jacmel. It doesn't feel like there is much. But yet we see a significant UN presence. From the window of the art gallery we see a parking lot with UN vehicles right on the seashore. As we are leaving the beach after lunch, a UN troop transport truck shows up with soldiers who proceed to strip down to their swimming trunks and jump in the water. A standard joke here in Haiti is that the UN 'peacekeeping' forces are on tourist duty.

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