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Americas Social Forum 2008 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala

We went early over to the forum this morning because they said that traffic would be bad and it would take us along time to get there. Instead, we arrived very quickly and long before much was happening. So, we walked around and checked stuff out and took some pictures, and finally picked up our bags and information, including a map of where events will be on campus.

Armed with that info, I started checking out panels. The first one I went to was one that Indigenous groups had organized, but nothing was happening there. So, I went to another panel, but no one was in the room. So, I went one room over which was very full with people talking about resistance to mining. After awhile I wondered back over to where I had started, and now that room was full and things were in full swing. Apparently the second panel I had searched for had moved over so that all the Indigenous events were together. I recorded the talks and wondered if I would ever use them. Sylvia sat beside me frantically taking notes, and I wondered if I should be doing the same. But I've already pretty much heard everything that Blanca Chancoso was saying.

I went to find lunch, and then it started to rain (hard) so I stayed in the Via Campesina tent where people were talking about food sovereignty issues in Central America. It was not that different from what people were talking about this morning, but it was an entirely different set of organizations. I guess the campesinista/etnicista divide is still very much alive.

When the rain let up, I headed over to an AMARC panel on new digital media--where I originally wanted to go. I just caught the tail end, and it seemed a bit disconnected, tho Jeff said it was a good panel. We waited around after the panel for my press credentials and an indimedia meeting that never happened.

On the main stage in the evening they were having a musical celebration for Che Guevara on the anniversary of his fall in combat 41 years ago. El dia del guerrillero heroico. We get back too late again (moving around this city is such a hassle), and I'm in a different house again tonite. These logistics are such a nightmare.

I should write more content, and I'll try to do that some other time. Today, however, seemed like we were talking to ourselves about things we already know. Oh well.

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