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Mission of the Federation of the Indians of Ecuador (1946)

The Federation of the Indians of Ecuador feels the need to put into one group all the indigenous inhabitants of Ecuador, so that forming one block they will be able to better defend their rights.

It is the defense of the Indians of Ecuador that is the central mission of the Federation.

This labor of defense will include, essentially, the following:

  1. Organization of the indigenous masses in unions, communes and cooperatives
  2.  Ideological orientation of all affiliated groups
  3. Acknowledgement of all the laws in favor of the Indian
  4. Culturalization, by any means available, of the indigenous conglomerate
  5. Protection of the indigenous cultural value especially the arts
  6. Technical instruction for the Indian, particularly about everything having to do with agriculture
  7. Elevation of the economic standard and improvement of the living conditions of the Indian
  8. Denouncement of all abuses committed against the Indian

The Federation of the Indians of Ecuador is slowly enacting all of these points.  For this the Federation has, as one of its most important and effective means of communication, a publication: ÑUCAANCHIC ALLPA.

However, for the Federation to be able to amplify its efforts and regularly print ÑUCANCHIC ALLPA, it is necessary that they have economic support.  This support can come from no other source except for the Indians of Ecuador, and especially from their organizations.  Because of this, we hope for your financial support for the program the Federation has outlined.  Only with your dedicated cooperation can this noble and selfless mission be completed successfully.

Source: "Misión de la Federación Ecuatoriana de Indios," Ñucanchic Allpa Epoca IV, no. 18 (October 5, 1946): 4.

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