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The Indigenous Federation of Ecuador


  1. That on Monday, August 28, in the city of Esmeraldas, the doctor Ricardo Paredes, the meritorious Functional Representative for the Indigenous race in the Honorable Constituent Assembly has been cowardly and entirely outraged by Pablo Simón Plata;
  2. That the high moral stature of the doctor Ricardo Paredes is justly recognized even by his adversaries;
  3. That the majesty of the Honorable Constituent Assembly demands the immediate reparation of the attack perpetrated on one of its most distinguished members; and,
  4. That a basic element of justice requires solidarity in support of the distinguished victim;


  1. To protest vigorously before the Honorable National Assembly and before the free and democratic consciousness of the Ecuadorian people, against the deliberate and premeditated attack against our honorable Functional Representative,
  2. To obtain from the High Public Powers Authorities implementing the application of most vigorous sanctions against the treacherous assailant who has mocked the legislator's immunity;
  3. To provide this statement to doctor Ricardo Paredes; and
  4. To publish it in the press.

Dolores Cacuango
General Secretary

Cayambe, August 31, 1944

Source: "La Federación Indígena del Ecuador," August 31, 1944, Hoja Volante, Private Collection of Leonardo J. Muñoz, Quito, Ecuador.

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