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On June 2, 1943, the Communist Party of Ecuador approved the following resolution on the dissolution of the Communist International (as translated by the FBI’s legal attaché in Ecuador).

The Communist Party of Ecuador approves the resolution of the Executive Committee of the Communist Internationale by which it dissolves its organization.

The PCE considers just the attitude of the Communist Internationale, because the PCE regards it as the most efficient way to carry out the unity of effort of all peoples and governments which fight Nazi-Fascism. The PCE declares that the decision of the Communist Internationale strengthens its struggle for liberation of the Ecuadoran people and does not modify at all its position towards the economical transformation of Society.

Accordingly, the PCE declares:

(1) That it has no foreign directives or instructions;

(2) That the national unity with all social categories must be put into effect, as a condition for the victory over Nazi-Fascism.

(3) That the PCE will fight in order to achieve the establishment of a democratic regime in Ecuador and the disappearance of defects in its operation, as a guarantee for the achievement of a world-wide front in order to win the war on Nazi-Fascism and affirm in an everlasting peace, the survival of universal democracy slogans. The PCE avails itself of the renowned daily “El Telegrafo” to greet the governments which, in close union with their peoples, are carrying out an effective struggle against Nazi-Fascism, its allies and satellites. The PCE pays homage of admiration and gratitude to the Soviet Nation in its most legitimate representative, Comrade Stalin.

Quito, 2nd of June, 1943
Gustavo Becerra, Secretary-General of the P.C.E.

Source: Letter from Robert M. Scotten to Secretary of State, "Communist activities in Ecuador," Quito, August 14, 1943, Despatch no. 339, Record Group 59, 822.00B/67, NARA, p. 23.

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