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Ricardo Paredes
Candidate of the Popular Assembly of the Left

The fact is largely known that the country confronts in this moment a decisive situation. The turn of Constitutionality should not be seen as an accident, no less as the repetition of a process of national disintegration and disorientation as it was in a certain half, each one of the epochs in which governed a Political Letter of the State, unadapted to the vital demands of the People. On the contrary, we should think and do the return of the constitutional regimen that is the organized and stable incorporation of the state in an essentially democratic order of life that permits the elevation of the level of culture and life of the Ecuadorian people.

A longing of such magnitude is one that feels the conscious and lively forces of Ecuador. The key to reaching a proper solution is in the organic and powerful union of these forces.

Indisputably, the conscious and lively forces, experts of the reality and disposed to serve the country, is the Left because the revolutionary feelings of the Ecuadorian Left justly consists of accelerating the evolutional process of the nation and carrying it towards a life of peace and justice, of progress and well being.

But, the truth is that the determined Parties of the Left have been sadly confused. Because instead of uniting in a solid block of creating action and defense of democratic rights, they have ignored the fundamental necessity for unification before the common danger of reactionary forces and have permitted, in moments of initiating the electoral process, the splitting of forces, throwing themselves along an antagonistic path.

But the disorientation and disarticulation of the Democratic Parties is not a reason either for the free and responsible men, the men that feel the future fate of the democracy like their own, they feel discouraged and back down. Exactly the opposite, that should be a motive for active intervention, determined to save exactly the same existence of the democracy. And the People should not be frightened before the sectarian blindness of the Parties. The People desire the improvement of their economic and social conditions and it is not possible that they remain without representation, if by the internal and suicidal fight of the Parties the reactionary forces monopolize the legislative function.

Before this negative emergency, men that owe the People and want to serve it, have felt the necessity to defend it. For this, before the refusal of the guidelines of certain parties of the Left to the repeated requirements of unification, thought themselves about the organization and realization of a GREAT POPULAR ASSEMBLY, that integrated with the representation of the most diverse sectors of the people and the independent elements of the Left, designated a POPULAR CANDIDATE, that for his integrity and for his political solvency grouped, tied, and unified the people.

The POPULAR ASSEMBLY OF THE LEFT has taken place, met the 8th of the present month and in the development of a session examined the actual situation and judged the assumed activity of the Parties of the Left before the urgent necessity of unification and as a conclusion, agreed on the designation of a POPULAR CANDIDATE FOR THE LEFT OF PICHINCHA.

The POPULAR ASSEMBLY, designated as POPULAR CANDIDATE FOR THE LEFT OF PICHINCHA the doctor, Mr. RICARDO PAREDES, untiring fighter for the triumph of democracy, champion of proletarian claims, the oldest and most prestigious exponent of the socialist campaign in Ecuador.

RICARDO PAREDES is founder of the old Ecuadorian Socialist Party and whose ideology comes from fighting without intermission for the year 1925. An outstanding militant of rows and by whose exemplary performance has been so many time designated by the General Secretary, obliges his companions, being of his own party or of brother parties, to recognize him as the militant paradigm in the rows of the revolutionary movement in Ecuador.

In the union rows, he has stood out as a better organizer and fervent propellant; the first man of clear vision that has unyieldingly sustained in Ecuador the incapable need of regaining possession of material and moral personality of the Indians and of montuvio, true sources of progress, until this moment they have not taken into account the economic beating of the country.

RICARDO PAREDES is not merely a candidate that adds to those already existing. RICARDO PAREDES does not signify a motive of division of the Left. RICARDO PAREDES is not a product of sentimental politiquera, nor an accommodating and undisciplined sectarian faction.

RICARDO PAREDES, man of science, teacher, popular fighter, is a flag of unification. His unquestionable political prestige, his incorruptible morals, his tested self sacrifice on account of the people, and his open and generous personality could have been a motive of division.

Exactly the opposite, a man whose most profound ambition is the triumph of social justice, whose life is an example of creating work and of vertical political conduct, whose pride is known to have placed himself always on the side of the oppressed and to generously serve for their liberation.

FREE AND CONCIOUS MEN OF PICHINCHA, vote in the next elections for the Representative of the Constitution Assembly for the POPULAR CANDIDATE OF THE LEFT.


It is not indispensable—we explain—vote for the POPULAR CANDIDATE OF THE LEFT, Doctor RICARDO PAREDES, to be a member of some organized political group. Likewise, we believe that everyone that sincerely feels the aspiration of living under a democratic and just order should vote for RICARDO PAREDES.

RICARDO PAREDES, the genuine Candidate of the Popular Sector.

CITIZENS OF SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY, WORKERS, STUDENTS, PROFESSIONALS, men without a party, defenders of democracy, vote for the candidate that symbolizes honest politics and that can determine the union of the popular forces.

To vote for RICARDO PAREDES should not be an obstacle of ideological difference, nor religious differences. All citizens, all electors that love liberty and justice, vote for Ricardo Paredes.

Quito, July 9, 1938.

The Central Electoral Committee:

Humberto Mata Martínez, Jorge Diez, Raúl Avilés Róbinson, Raúl Andrade Moscoso, Nela Martínez, Gustavo Valencia, Pedro Torres, Méntor Mera, Gustavo Araujo, Gabriel Alvaro, Primitivo Barreto, Jorge Balarezo y Ernesto Endara.

ADHERENTS: Luis Almeida, Pablo E. Almeida, Luis Romero, Luis Rivas, Carlos Lalama, Delegado ante el Comité Sindical por la Confederación Obrera del Tungurahua; César Cevallos, Lida Donoso M., Marco Ordóñez, Publio Galarza, Luis F. Vega, Aníbal Díaz, Rafael Soria, Luis Alvaro, Carmelina Granja, Julieta Alvaro, Raúl Guerrero, Rubén Rodríguez, Segundo J. Castillo, Alonso Díaz, Carmela Díaz, Marina Illescas, Manuel Rivas, Delegado ante el Comité Sindical por la Confederación Obrera del Tungurahua; Rosa A. Oviedo, Juvenal Juárez, Alejandro Narváez, Luis Montenegro, Lcdo. Gustavo Ramírez Pérez, Aurora Estrada y Ayala de Ramírez Pérez, César Endara, Ernesto Paladines, Candidato Popular de Izquierdas por la Provincia del Oro; Segundo G. Olmedo, Secretario General del Sindicato “La Victoria”; Benjamín Núñez, Gustavo Camacho, J. M. Colen, Julio C. Olmedo, Enrique Rosales, Juan J. Arévalo, Rubén Suárez, Gonzalo Albán, Máximo Cabrera, Odilo Aguilar, Aníbal Endara, Bernardino Andrade, Néstor Pinto, Carlos A. Chavez, Jorge E. Viteri, Alfonso D. Bolaños, Víctor H Paredes, José Cázar, Alfonso Naranjo, Isaías Parra, Alfredo Moreno, Domingo Díaz, Aquiles Valencia, Luis Dueñas, Humberto García, Berta Jaramillo de G., Vitervo León, Piedad Santana, César Castro, Jorge Balarezo, Honorio Terán, César Fiallo, Luis Varas, Eduardo Mora, Augusto Castro, Segundo L. Guayasamin, Edilberto Guayasamin, Angel Guayasamin, Oswaldo Fiallo, Luis Gualavisí, José Terán, Rosendo Naula, C. Augusto Pazmiño, Wilfredo León C., Víctor M. Viteri, Gustavo Becerra, Julio Viteri, José A. Almedia, Gabriel Ameida, Teodoro Velasco, Carlos I. Buendía, Amelia Vizuete, Luz M. Donóso Muirragui, Manuel Toledo, Luis E. Aguirre, Guillermo Aguirre, G. Altamirano, Luis G. Analuisa César Mena P., S. Ramírez P., C. Mosquera, C. Andrade, Antonio Cofre, J. Araujo Z., Carlos Ochoa, A. Carrillo C., G. Sono, Alberto Corral, Termógenes García, L. Enrique Vallejo, Rosario Navarrete, Etelvina Benítez, Carlos Galarza, Víctor Baldeón, Guillermo Loza Lara, Luis Ramírez, Carlos Loza, Carlos Andino, Jorge Ortega, E. Alvarez, Maruja Dávila, Enrique Araque, Carlos E. Almedia, Abdón Paredes, Luis Estrella, Luis Pazmiño, César Freire, Carmela Carrasco, Guillermo Cisneros, Amador Varela, Jorge H. Varela, Angel Orozco, Modesto Rivera, Luis A. Lozano, Eduardo Pérez, Sergio Rivadeneira, Luis A. Jiménez, Jorge Pareja, Jacinto Bastidas, Víctor M. Ponce, Virgilio A. Chávez, Luis E. Jaramillo, Diego Suárez, Alejandro Pareja, José J. Ramirez, Jorge E. Bautista, Nélson O. López, M Vitori, G. A. Villavicencio, R. Moscoso, Victoria M. Bermeo O., Angél E. Cháves, Rafael Mata, G. León N., Julio Tobar, Carlos Sandoval, (Siguen muchísimas firmas).

ADHERENTS OF CANTON RUMIÑAHUI.--- Alonso Báez, César Vásquez F., Alcides Taboada, David Correa, José Pío Cevallos, Ruperto Espinosa, José A. Baldeón, Seguno Terán, A. Guayasamin, Manuel Cárdenas, Juan María Ayala, Miguel Carrera, Miguel Angel Alvarez, Gabriel Montúfar, Arturo Pérez, Pedro Atapuma, Eloy Cevallos, Manuel Salgado, José Utreras. (In our bullentin, we will publish more adhesions).

Source: “Ricardo Paredes, Candidato de la Asamblea Popular de Izquierdas.” Quito, July 9, 1938, Private Collection of Leonardo J. Muñoz.

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