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1940 demands

  1. Division of the State's large properties (latifundios) as well as private ones, and giving these along with water to those who work the land;
  2. Abolish the practice of forced and free labor;
  3. Absolute prohibition of entradas, cargos, priostazgos, capitanias, and guiones;
  4. Abolition of diezmos and primicias, according to the law;
  5. Abolition of concertaje;
  6. Reduce the work day to eight hours, in accordance of the law;
  7. Strict compliance with minimum wage laws;
  8. Foundation of an Agricultural Bank for the peasants;
  9. Creation of an Agricultural Institute;
  10. Depreciation of farm tools;
  11. No charges for all religious services;
  12. Complete freedom of organization;
  13. Abolition of gobernadores, regidores, and alcaldes;
  14. Abolition of corporal punishment;
  15. Absolute suppression of the services which brides lend priests in the weeks proceeding a wedding;
  16. Abolition of the doctrina and confesión which priests and alcaldes impose;
  17. More day schools for children, organized with an eye toward their complete spiritual and economic liberation;
  18. Foundation of Sunday and night schools for adults of both sexes, organized with the same goals as those for children;
  19. Suppression of domestic services lent to whites and mestizos.

Source: "¿Es de 'raza inferior' el 'indio'?" Ñucanchic Allpa, Epoca II, No. 15 (May 28, 1940), 1, 4.

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