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Today Closes the Conference of Indigenous Leaders
Celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Soviet Union (Russia)

The 5th of the present month, in this capital united the Conference of Indigenous Leaders, coming from different parts of the country.

This Conference of the commanders of the organized Indians has discussed our own problem and has elaborated a program of demands that has raised the Commander in Chief of the Republic and for whose realization they will continue fighting. This Conference constitutes an event of the first order within the movement of emancipation of the masses of workers, farmers, and natives of the country that aspire a life of liberty and work within a new order of things. The Indians have demonstrated, one more time, that, organized, they are perfectly conscious of their rights and that they are not criminals that want to present that all their petitions are just, because the Indians only ask for bread, land, work, and liberty.

Today should close the Conference of Indigenous Leaders and coinciding this date with the celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Union of the Socialist Soviet Republics (Russia), a country that gave bread, land, work and liberty to the countrymen; liberty and decided support to all the nationalities that were at other times oppressed (as the indigenous nationalities are in our country); the Conference of Indigenous Leaders will celebrate this date in its closing session with the following order of the day: 1º–Resolution on the Pul Indians, exposition of c. Sáenz;–2º–We support Nucanchic Allpa, c. Gustavo Salgado, 3º–Creation of schools for indigenous leaders, C. Narváez; 6º–What has been given to the minority nationalities of the Soviet Union, c. Gallegos Lara; 7º–What has been given to the countrymen of the Soviet Union, c. José Alvaro; 8º–Lecture on the elevated petitions of Mr. Commander in Chief; 9º–Farewell of the C. R. Q., for the c. Barrete: 10º–Assembly of the National Indigenous Assembly and closing by the Indigenous Leader General Juan Sáenz.

To this important event we invite the worker of Quito, especially the Indians. They will take the Natives’ various words.

The session will be verified in the House of the Worker, at 8 p.m. today.

Presidium of the Conference of IndigenousLeaders

Quito, November 7, 1935.

Editorial de “El Correo”.-- Olmedo, 52.--Quito.

Source: Presídium de la Conferencia de Cabecillas Indígenas, "Hoy se Clasura la Conferencia de Cabecillas Indígenas" (Quito: Editorial de El Correo, November 7, 1935), Hojas Volantes, 1933-1938, p. 298, Biblioteca Ecuatoriana Aurelio Espinosa Pólit (BEAEP), Cotocollao, Ecuador.

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