History and uses of the Coca leaf 
Other uses of coca, including the production of cocaine
The Drug Trade
Drug Wars
Andean History

Drugs and You:  Cocaine in Bolivia

Annotated Bibliography

"A Complete Guide to Manufacturing Cocaine" 
This article explains the emergence of a synthetic cocaine that has begun to develop in the United States.  The web page carefully details the procedures in the creation of the synthetic cocaine. 

"Cocaine, Its Forms, Methods of Use, and Pharmacology" 
This web page is a outline that goes into depth into the emergence of cocaine, its uses, and its effects on the world. By use of an outline it enables the reader to get a clear cut picture of the emergence of cocaine.  It has great information that is very well structured and easy to read.

"Cocaine, The Plant"
This web page describes the only two coca plants that are able to produce cocaine.  It lists their characteristics and the climates in which they grow.  It is an informative web page but very limited in its information.

Lee, Rensselaer W.  The White Labyrinth:  Cocaine and Political Power.  New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1990.
This book is the result of a study of the South American cocaine industry in the 1980s.  It is based on Spanish language materials as well as U.S. journalistic and government sources.  It discusses political and economic elements in the South American cocaine industry.  It explains both the coca lobby and anti-drug efforts, which primarily originate with the U.S., but not always.  It discusses the issues that make cocaine production much more controversial than we often think.  The issue is not black and white, correct policies are not clear-cut.

MacDonald, Scott B.  Mountain High, White Avalanche:  Cocaine and Power in the Andean States and Panama.  New York:  Center For Strategic and International Studies, 1989.
This book focuses on narcoterrorism in Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile.  It also discusses the scope of the problem, without offering solutions.

MacDonald, Scott B.  Dancing on a Volcano.  New York:  Praeger Publishers, 1988.
This book focuses on the Latin American drug trade, offering a historical perspective that Cocaine is the Incas' revenge.  It focuses on Bolivia and Peru.

Phillips, Joel L.  and Ronald W. Wynne.  Cocaine:  The Mystique and the Reality.  New York:  Avon Books, 1980.
This book discusses the history of Coca use along with myths and legends surrounding the plant.  It also explains the source, production and chemical composition.   Drug trafficking is also discussed along with explanations of the U.S. problem including the connections and couriers that are used.

Stares, Paul B. Global Habit: The Drug Problem in a Borderless World. Washington D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1996.
 This source is takes a look at how the drug problem as been influenced by international changes.  It in the historiography of the druge trade, Stares work serves as the most recent evaluation.  The Drug Trade is constantly changing and this text's relative newness was helpful.

Swisher, Karin L.  Drug Trafficking.  San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1991.
This book is a collection of articles that deal with the problem of the international drug trade.  The authors take stances on both sides of the issues discussed.  Some oppose the United States War on Drugs and some support it.  The effects of the various drug wars on the people of Andean nations are also discussed.

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