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audienceThursday, January 26. Some photos from NIGD's panel "Democratic Politics Globally: A Dialogue on political parties and global democratisation."

During the past two decades of globalisation, political parties have constituted one sphere of social action where the process of increasing international interaction has not been remarkable. While governments, corporations, social movements and non-governmental organisations have phenomenally increased global co-operation and networking, political parties have to a large extend remained limited to national or at most regional spheres. We need to reflect on the content as well as form of the political organisation from people's point of view to influence the existing and emerging institutions of global governance. Since we are most used to thinking about parties as the appropriate instrumentality we take the discussion on global parties only as a starting point and not as a dogmatic or fixed point of reference. We need to address the specificities of culture, economy, geography, identity, historical experience/memory while at the same time addressing the universality of the central urge for freedom and self-rule for all individuals on the planet. This is the inherent force of democracy and democratic parties. Come to discuss Democratic Politics Globally! For more information see also

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Lots and lots of photos:

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