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Americas Social Forum 2008 

ForoI traveled to Guatemala for the third Americas Social Forum (ASF) from October 7-12, 2008.

The Americas Social Forum is a meeting of civil society and social movements opposed to neoliberal economic policies, and in favor of building a better Americas. It is an outgrowth of the World Social Forum that first met in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001 (I first attended in 2003 and subsequently have attended many other such meetings; see my reports for more details).

Listen to my Report from the Americas Social Forum (on Free Speech Radio News, October 13, 2008)

Read my article Guatemala: Americas Social Forum Rejects Neoliberalism, Celebrates Resistance (Upside Down World, October 14, 2008).

Report from the Social Forum of the Americas in Guatemala (Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice blog, October 17, 2008).

"Americas Social Forum held in Central America," The Monitor (Truman State University) 15, no. 4 (October 20, 2008): 4, 11.

Play (27 min) or download (25MB) my feature on the forum on WORT's Third World View, October 26, 2008.

"Guatemala: Americas Social Forum," Task Force on the Americas Report (Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas) Fall 2008, 5.

"Social Forum of the Americas," Z Magazine 21, no. 12 (December 2008): 20-22.

Follow along with my blog.

I've uploading some of my audio recordings, as well as some photos.

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