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CLAH Teaching Committee Roundtable
Primary Sources in the Classroom

Philadelphia, Friday, January 6, 7-9pm

A common problem that many instructors of Latin American history face is a relative paucity of primary source documents available in English for students in North American classrooms. Given the rudimentary language skills of most of our students, how can we successfully bring the voices and vibrancy of Latin Americans into the classroom?

Chair: Marc Becker, Truman State University (

Anton Rosenthal, University of Kansas (
Using English-language travel accounts to teach the Cultural History of Latin America

Richard W. Slatta, North Carolina State University (
Online primary source readers

Ann Blum, University of Massachusetts, Boston (
Teaching with Visual Primary Sources

Catherine Komisaruk, California State University, Long Beach (
Primary sources on colonial frontiers: Using local resources

Ted Humphrey, Arizona State University (
Janet M. Burke, Arizona State University (
Too Long Silent: Providing Voices for Latin America's Thinkers (Pensadores)

Patrice Olsen, Illinois State University (
National Security Archive documents on covert operations in Latin America

Erin O'Connor, Bridgewater State College (
Visions of Latin America: Linking Novels and Personal Narratives to Broader Historical Contexts

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