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CONAIE Demands to the Government, 1990 Uprising: The Pluri-National Mandate

  1. Declaration of Ecuador as a pluri-national state.
  2. The return of lands and the legalization of territories for the indigenous peoples, without costly legal fees.
  3. Sufficient water for both human consumption and irrigation in the indigenous communities and an environmental plan to prevent the contamination of water supplies.
  4. Debt pardon for all debts indigenous communities have incurred with government ministries and banks.
  5. A minimum two-year price freeze on all raw materials and manufactured goods used by the communities in agricultural production and a reasonable price increase for all agricultural products sold by the communities.
  6. No payment of the municipal taxes levied on the small properties owned by indigenous farmers.
  7. Creation of long-term financing for bilingual education programs in the communities.
  8. Creation of provincial and regional credit agencies under the control of CONAIE.
  9. Immediate delivery of funds and credits currently assigned to the indigenous nationalities.
  10. Initiation and termination of all necessary and priority construction of basic infrastructure in the indigenous communities.
  11. Unrestricted import and export privileges for indigenous artisans and merchants of artisan crafts.
  12. National legislation and enforcement of strict protection and controlled exploration of archeological sites under supervision of CONAIE.
  13. Expulsion of Summer Institute of Linguistics from the Amazon in accor­dance with Executive Decree 1159 of 1981.
  14. Respect for the rights of children and the raising of consciousness in the government regarding the actual state of affairs among children.
  15. National support for the practice of indigenous medicine.
  16. Immediate dismantling of organizations created by political parties that parallel governmental institutions at the provincial and municipal levels and that manipulate political consciousness and elections in indigenous commu­nities.

Source: Melina Selverston-Scher, Ethnopolitics in Ecuador: Indigenous Rights and the Strengthening of Democracy (Coral Gables, Fla, Boulder, CO: North-South Center Press at the University of Miami. Distributed by Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2001), 135.


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