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Los 16 puntos

  1. Declaration of Ecuador as a “plurinational state.”
  2. Grants of land and legalization of territories for the nationalities.
  3. Solutions to the problems of water and irrigation.
  4. Absolution of debts to FODERUMA and the National Development Bank.
  5. Freezing of consumer prices.
  6. Conclusion of priority projects in the communities.
  7. Non-payment of rural land taxes.
  8. Expulsion of the Summer Language Institute, in accordance with the 1981 decree.
  9. Free importation and exportation of commercial and artisan products for CONAIE members.
  10. Control, protection, and development of archeological sites under the supervision of CONAIE.
  11. Legal recognition and funding by the state of Indigenous medicine.
  12. Cancellation of decrees that created parallel institutions to local governments.
  13. Immediate granting of budgeted funds for Indigenous nationalities.
  14. Permanent funding of bilingual education.
  15. Real respect for the rights of the child, without demagoguery.
  16. The fixing of fair prices for farm products and free access to markets.

Source: "Gobierno contestó punto por punto los pedidos indígenas," Hoy (Quito), June 29, 1990, 5A.

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