Alexander, Robert.  Bolivia.  Praeger Press.  1982.

Brill, William Hanford.  Military Revolution in Bolivia: the overthrow of Paz Estenssoro

    and the MNR.  Washington, Institute for the Comparative Study of Political

    Systems.  1967

Studies the presidency of Paz Estenssoro, along with giving a great study

of the MNR, a force that is very powerful throughout Bolivian history.

Dietz, Henry.  Poverty and Problem-Solving Under Military Rule: The Urban Poor in Lima, Peru.  Austin & London:

    University of Texas Press, 1980.

A nice look at the lives of average people under the various military regimes that have passed through Peruvian history,

primarily focusing on the present (which for the book is the 70's) day.

Fitch, John.  The Military Coup d’ etat as a Political Process.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins

    University Press, 1977.

Just what it says; it is a commentary on the military and its role in Preuvian and

Ecuadorian society.

Malloy, James M. and Richard S. Thorn.  Beyond Revolution: Bolivia since

    1952.  University of Pittsburgh Press.  1971

Shows modern political movements in Bolivia that are lead by military forces.  Excellent

depiction of what military governments actually do once in power, with many statistics.

“Jefes de Estado y de Goierno.”

Gives a summary of Hugo Panzer's presidency in Bolivia.  Is especially

helpful in describing how everyone in the country felt about him.

Schodt, David.  Eucador, An Andean Enigma.  Boulder: Westview Press, 1987.

A look at the history of military regimes in Ecuador, and how they are exceptional to the norm in their ties to actual elections

and other such things that are often unheard of in the region.  Especially when dictators are involved.

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