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I will observe the 2006 Venezuelan presidential elections with the Bolivarian Circle of Boston.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Arrived in Caracas last nite w/o a problem. Or, actually, the problem did not have to do with flying but a server crash at NativeWeb that had me working overtime from the Dallas airport to try to get stuff back up and running (it's not).

Today we went to visit the Missions in Caracas. These are interesting government-funded programs that deal with a variety of social issues--education, health, food, etc. The programs show rather vividly what many poorer people value so much about Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution.

We visted the Cooperative Nude Fabrico Ojeda. Some have criticized the Bolivarian Revolution for being too much of a state-centered project, but one thing that shows potential for this project is the creation of spaces for new projects like this coop. In a way, it is projects like this that will reveal whether or not the social changes we are witnessing here are a success.

We also visited Barrio Adentro, the project that has brought Cuban doctors to provide first-line preventative community-based medical care. New missions are also in the process of being set up. We visited on eof the most recent--Mision Madres del Barrio that works with mothers in local neighborhoods.

Tomorrow we had out to Lara state. Caracas is too big of a city for me, and I look forward to getting out of it. I'm tired and my head hurts. And NativeWeb is still not back together--and may not be for several days.
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