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March 10: Orientation in Miami

David leading a discussion on nonviolence at our orientation

Jess and John

Sanho Tree

March 11-15: Bogotá

Trish on plane to Bogotá

David on plane to Bogotá

Flying over Cuba


Ricardo Esquivia, Justapaz

Roberto Antonio Comacho, Eusebio Mosquera, and Carlos David Cartona, AFRODES

Eusebio Mosquera

Carlos David Cartona

Jatán Mazot, Vice-President, AFRODES

Roberto Antonio Comacho

Luz Marina Becerra, Secretary, AFRODES

Displaced person

AFRODES day-care center

AFRODES day-care center

Barrio La Isla, Bogotá

AUC graffitti

Market alongside street

Gen. Clavijo, Gen. Rafael Ruíz, Gen. Valencia, Gen. Gómez

Gen. Rafael Ruíz

Gen. Valencia

Gen. Gómez

Plaque in Mennonite Church in Bogotá

Breakfast at the Mennonite Church

Group photo in front of the Mennonite Church

Félix Posada, CEPALC

Félix and Amparo

Bogotá from Monserrate

Marc overlooking Bogotá

Daniel and Lenore at Monserrate

Group photo at Monserrate


Palace of Justice


Bolívar statue

Bus at Plaza Bolívar

Julia and Héctor Mondragón

Julia and Jess

Hotel Embajador

Teófilo Vásquez, CINEP

Javier Correa, SINALTRINAL


José Miguel Narvaez and Jorge Visual, President, FEDEGAN

José Miguel Narvaez, FEDEGAN

Photographer, FEDEGAN

Alicia, Personal Secretary, and Alvaro Uribe, Presidential Candidate

Alicia, Personal Secretary, and Alvaro Uribe, Presidential Candidate

Greenhouses outside of Bogotá

Billboard in Tame, Arauca airport

March 15-18: Tame and Saravena, Department of Arauca

Charter plane we took from Bogotáá to Tame

Police station in Tame after Feb 2, 2002, FARC attack

Delegates in front of Tame municipal building

Lieutenant Cornel Jorge Alberto Segura Manonegra, Commander of 18th Batallon in Tame

Lieutenant Cornel Jorge Alberto Segura Manonegra

Map of Aracua


Tame street

Cattle grazing in Arauca

Electrical tower dynamited by guerrillas

David; José Roosvelt Lara, human rights committee; Julia; Samuel Morales, CUT



Meeting with social movements in Saravena

Ravelo Cetina

Jesús Angarita, USO


Alonso Campiño, ANUC

Meeting with social movements in Saravena

Angela, David, Bill, Leonel, Marc, Jorge

Oxy helicopter


José Sierra, Mayor of Saravena; Liliana del Carmen Santana Beltrán, human rights ombudsman of Saravena

Bombed pre-natal center in Saravena

Municipal building in Saravena, bombed by FARC

Municipal building, bombed by FARC

Destroyed human rights ombudsman office

Mayor José Sierra points to his destroyed office

Gas cylinder FARC uses to launch bombs against police station

Saravena police station

Saravena street

Delegates at ANUC building


Oil spill from ELN blowing up Oxy pipeline

Delegates on bus

Oxy oil well (just over ridge)

Hotel Llanero, Tame

People from Saravena who accompanied us back to Tame

Human rights poster in personero office, Tame


Tame central park

Delegates in meeting

Yovanny Caro, Tame Personero

Bridge where paramilitaries have killed people; military base in background

Tame Vice-Mayor Jaime Reuto in Displaced community





Jess with local resident

Kids in barrio

Kids in barrio

Kids in barrio

Kids in barrio

Kids in barrio

Kids in barrio

Kids in barrio

Marc and Trish

Aaron and Julia petting calf

Daniel and Lenore


María, Roosvelt, Marie, Margot

Delegates with vice-mayor

Delegates with vice-mayor

Plan we took back to Bogotá


View from plane

Flower greenhouses around Bogotá

March 18-21: Bogotá

Displaced woman from Putumayo

US Embassy

US Embassy

US Embassy

Julia and Jess at US Embassy

Across street from US Embassy

Bogotá at morning

Julia and Jess

Julia and Jess





Julia, Trish, Bill, María

Bill, Jessica, Daniel

Margot, Marie, Lenore, Ben

Wayne, Aaron, Vela, Ward, Sigrid, David, Will, Tom

Jess by WFP house

Jess and Julia by WFP house

Sigrid giving flowers to Hernando

Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony