1986? - July 5, 2003

Guest's Name: Cheryl
Date Signed: Sun Jul
5 14:17:44 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Koosa
I am writing to those of you who know my special relationship with my beloved Corgi dog Koosa. Koosa has been with me for the last 16 1/2 years and died today at 17 1/2 - 18 years of age. He has been having periodic seizures since January, and his liver was enlarged, and he had a myriad of other health problems as well. My grief is great, and this is an especially difficult loss after losing my mother in October.

Koosa lived with Marc and I in many places. He was adopted in Lawrence, Kansas, from the humane society. He lived with us in Lawrence, KS; Charleston, IL; Oakland, CA; Bloomington, IL; Gettysburg, PA; Kirksville, MO; and Madison, WI. We're grateful that to the end, his quality of life was good, he was engaged and happy, and that his end was peaceful. Marc left for Ecuador shortly beforehand, so a friend is coming to stay with me for the weekend. I am certain I will continue to look for him in his familiar places. He will forever hold a place in my heart. I am glad I had an opportunity to say goodbye.

I wanted to share this with you, but feel it would be too difficult to share this news with you individually. This is very painful right now.

Thank you to all of you who showed love to my dear companion over the years. Cheryl

Guest's Name: david
Date Signed: Sun Jul 6 07:39:13 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): David Cole
peace to Koosa and the humans Cheryl and Marc four cat people send love and best wishes - Feivel and Max, now 11, and getting fond of just laying in the sun; Maisie, also 11, who finally has stopped keeping to herself and now frolics with the big guys; and young Alfie, who lives to be outside all day long all four would have loved somebody liked Koosa

Guest's Name: Ruth Bandstra
Date Signed: Sun Jul 6 08:05:30 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): (cats) Kirby and Fantom
Kirby (who's 17 years old), and Fantom (who's 4 years old), and Ruth want to express their grief and sorrow. Koosa was a wonderful friend, companion, and buddy. He will be sorely missed. God bless you as you go through this grieving process. All my love, Ruthie

Guest's Name: Darla & Ivan & kids
Date Signed: Sun Jul 6 09:20:14 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Raisin
Koosa has been a special part of the family, and we are so sorry that the time has come to say goodbye. We have always enjoyed Koosa--visiting where you've lived and also when he has come to our house. The times he's stayed with us were always fun. He was patient with our children--who all loved him dearly--and a very nice companion to have around. You will be in our thoughts as you go through the grieving process.

Guest's Name: Linda
Date Signed: Sun Jul 6 13:24:26 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Muffin (now departed)
Koosa's special personality was both dignified and comical - a challenge to understand. It was almost as if he was playing the serious mind, and just when you took him seriously, he would delight in laughing at you for believing him. May you keep Koosa's spirit alive with you always, take joy in his love for both of you - for surely he would not have stayed as long as he did if he had not loved you both very much.

Guest's Name: Marcia
Date Signed: Sun Jul 6 13:51:10 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Hannah and Liza
I never had the opportunity to meet Koosa so cannot speak to his qualities, though it is apparent that he had many fine ones. As an animal lover and "mom" to two dogs and six cats, I know about the special place that animals hold in our hearts and the special relationships that develop between humans and their four-legged companions. They bring incredible joy into our lives, asking relatively little in return. Their loss can leave a tremendous void and I extend my sympathies, Cheryl and Marc.

Guest's Name: sue & bob
Date Signed: Sun Jul 6 16:45:51 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): nathan
I do know the pain of having to put a pet to sleep. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I know that Koosa was a big part of your lives and you will miss him terribly, Our sympathies to both of you.

Guest's Name: cindy
Date Signed: Mon Jul 7 06:22:00 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Eddie and Bodhi
I know how much koosa meant to you both. Hope your suffering floats to the clouds and evaporates. Cindy

Guest's Name: Peter d'Errico
Date Signed: Mon Jul 7 08:02:42 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one):
We had to put our dog Sophie down last year, at about age 18. She was a warm and friendly black lab who wanted to play with everyone she met. Her grave is on a hill near the house.

Guest's Name: Martha
Date Signed: Mon Jul 7 10:22:12 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Frank
Koosa made a lot of true friends during his long and eventful life. Some of those friends have already passed over and, I believe, have already greeted him. It's hard on the ones left behind. He was a big presence and is a big absence. - from Martha, Koosa's loving friend and Frank, Koosa's special canine buddy

Guest's Name: Wiren Karen Andrew Susanna
Date Signed: Mon Jul 7 20:35:17 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Nellie
Koosa also has a special place in our heart. We were priveledged to host her for a short time and go on several hikes with her. Peace.

Guest's Name: Sherri Palmer
Date Signed: Wed Jul 9 01:47:40 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one): Raven and Griffin
Marc and Cheryl, I only knew Koosa in his senior years but know that he was a very special soul. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Sherri

Guest's Name: Chuck
Date Signed: Thu Jul 10 11:06:09 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one):
Koosa was a remarkable dog, and he and Cheryl had a remarkable relationship. I once saw K bark-growl while looking at Cheryl. Cheryl said, "Need something, Koo?" K said "browrrrrwooof." Cheryl asked, "do you need food?" K looked at her. She asked, "Water?" Nope. She asked, "Outside?" K said, "browrrrrwoof-woof-woof." Cheryl asked, "Outside?" Koosa said, "browrrrwoof-woof." Cheryl opened the door for a delighted K. I have never seen anything like it. He was truly a wonderful companion

Guest's Name: Barry
Date Signed: Mon Jul 14 15:50:41 2003
Your dog's name (if you have one):
I didn't know Koosa well, but I trust William's judgment. Any playmate of his is a friend of mine. I'm sorry for your loss. Barry
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